Speaker Date Topic
Jason Korb from Korb + Associates Achitects Jun 25, 2021
Ascent - 25-story mass timber building at 700 E. Kilbourn Ave.

Mass timber outperforms traditional building materials in fires, earthquakes, and extreme wind conditions. But that's not all that makes it the most exciting trend in architecture.  This renewable resource has a negative carbon impact, and Ascent's carbon benefit represents the equivalent of removing 2,350 cars from the road per year.

Annemarie Sawkins Jul 09, 2021
A Creative Place: The History of Wisconsin Art

Today, Wisconsin boasts vibrant art scenes in its major cities and across the state. But how did we get here? It starts with the state’s first native people, yet this history and the accomplishments of successive generations of artists has not been adequately researched, or published. In fact, the only book to address the topic is Porter Butts, Art in Wisconsin, which appeared in 1936 and has been neither updated, nor succeeded by a new publication.

Thomas Lidtke and Annemarie Sawkins are completing writing, researching and working on a comprehensive history of art in Wisconsin. Their vision is to produce (along with expert contributors) the most complete survey on Wisconsin art and artists within the state. It begins with the spiritual and creative endeavors of Wisconsin’s First Nations and runs through 400 years of French and British occupation, the nineteenth century, and then extends through the twentieth century.

Joe Addis Jul 16, 2021
Tree and Plant Disease

Joe Addis is a certified arborist with Seasonal Services

Sara Eskrich Jul 30, 2021
Democracy Found - Final-Five Voting

Democracy Found is a Wisconsin-based initiative committed to revitalizing democracy.

By implementing Final-Five Voting, a system wherein the top five candidates are selected from the primary ballot and instant runoff voting is used in the general election, theyhope to ensure that politicians are held accountable for delivering results.


Linda Edelstein, Del Wilson, Betsy Corry Aug 06, 2021
Milwaukee Youth Arts Center (MYAC)
Dan Freas, Fred Gettelman Aug 13, 2021
Old World Wisconsin and The Museum of Beer and Brewing