Speaker Date Topic
Offsite Mtg: Wellpoint Care Network 8901 W Capitol Feb 23, 2024
Ann Leinfelder Grove, Pres. & CEO: Breakfast Tour and Update on ERC partnership

Meeting/breakfast at Wellpoint.

Jack Nelson Introduction

Eric Moeser-ERC member Mar 01, 2024
Solar Eclipses
Club Assembly Mar 08, 2024
Jodi Wenzel, Project ADAM/Program Coordinator-WI Mar 15, 2024
Addressing the risk of sudden cardiac arrest in the young.

Harry F. will introduce.

Daniel Buttery, President & CEO War Memorial Ctr. Mar 22, 2024
History of the War Memorial & Current and Future

David Urban will introduce

Maria Owens & Bill Peterson and Chris Spresser Mar 29, 2024
Guatemala trip to attend high school graduation of ERC sponsored student. Trip to Australia.
John Kelliher, Director of Parks, Rec. & Forestry Apr 05, 2024
Wirth Park Playground Project

Harry F. will introduce

Dr. Mark Hansen, Supt. Elmbrook School District Apr 12, 2024
Elmbrook School District Annual Update



Jonathan Ward, U.S. Foreign Service Officer (Ret.) Apr 26, 2024
Work of a U.S. Diplomat

Noaman will introduce.

Mariadela Belle Alverez, Common Hope Coordinator May 03, 2024
What's current with Common Hope's programs in Guatemala

BelleA@us.commonhope.org.  651-287-0708

Will be presenting via Zoom--Eric will introduce

Amber Donovan, COO St. Camillus May 17, 2024
Tour of St. Camillus including unit in new tower, dining facilities, fitness facilities, etc.

adonovan@stcam.com.       (414) 259-8230

After invocation & pledge, Amber will give a brief overview of what we will tour and break the main group up into smaller groups of 10-15.


Daniel Jackson, CEO Ascension Wisconsin Jun 21, 2024 7:00 AM
Anatomy of a Problem
Anatomy of a Problem

Noaman S. will introduce