Posted on Jun 20, 2020
ERC member Linda Wickstrom has discontinued her "Hat Challenge" for ERC's weekly Zoom meetings and has issued a new challenge for finding and using the best Zoom Virtual Background.
To make use of the Virtual Background function in Zoom, one must have a computer or mobile phone that supports this function. Read a full-length "Zoom Support" article that discusses the required settings and the applicable settings within Zoom itself.
In addition, there is a big difference between using the Virtual Background function with or without  a "green screen." And, one needs to scour the Internet to find the best still images and/or videos for incorporating into the Zoom meeting experience.
View the following YouTube videos for step-by-step instructions:
[If accessing via the weekly eBulletin,
[If accessing via the weekly eBulletin,
Rotary International also provides custom virtual background images for use on Zoom. Check out this YouTube video that explains how to find/download the images and how to install them within the Zoom software.
Happy hunting, learning, and experimenting! [If you need personal assistance, contact ERC member Larry Myers or ERC member Jackie Radomski.]