Posted by Jackson Bubolz on Sep 27, 2022
Ever wonder when the next Rotary volunteer event is? Check Club Runner
Curious who our speaker is next week? Check Club Runner
Want to invite a friend to the next Rotary social? Check Club Runner
If you aren't that familiar, please use this link to learn what's all available to you on Club Runner:
The value of this tool is enormous. Our webmaster Larry Meyers has graciously set time aside to teach our members how to both better use the website to learn about upcoming events, and also how to submit your own content, or send your own email message to the group. 
If you have events, communications, or recaps and pictures of completed volunteer projects, please use this link to see an On-Demand recording of Larry covering the most commonly used functions on and in the site: Link
Thank you Larry for your 3 years of service to the Elm Brook Rotary Club, and the training provided to keep this well oiled public relations team moving.