Posted by Bill Selzer on Jan 23, 2023

Brenda Campbell President and CEO of SecureFutures shared the vision, goals and volunteer opportunities for this non-profit organization. Secure Futures programs are “Building stronger communities by empowering teens with financial education, tools, and mentorship. An investment in teen financial capability is an investment in the future.” These programs focus on 11th and 12th grade students, and Brenda shared success stories and examples of how communities are stronger through these financial literacy programs.

The three programs available are:

Money Path – The most complete academic, career and financial app for teens and young adults. Money Path “opens student’s eyes” to the reality of how academic and career choices they make now impact their life and long-term financial wellbeing. This plug and play program gives the students a look into their financial future based on earnings and debt if they go into the workplace, a 2 year, or a 4 year school so they can make informed planning decisions.

Money Coach – Is the only financial mentoring program of its kind. Focusing on under resourced communities, Money Coach empowers teens through one-on-one small group mentorship to build strong money management habits for long-term financial capability. This program is a semester long and allows mentors to help students in numerous way as they build their coaching relationship. 

Money Sense – Teaches teens money management essentials with a flexible program that introduces teens to financial basics like banking, creating a savings plan, managing a budget, and maintaining healthy credit.

By getting involved you can change a teen’s life. “Volunteers are a critical component of these programs. Your unique life and professional experience allow you to bring our financial literacy programs to life, connecting teens where they are and sharing real-world examples of how money management works.”

Volunteers are down from 1,200 pre-pandemic to about 250 today. If you are interested in volunteering for any of these programs, visit to explore details of the various programs and available opportunities. Or contact Brenda Campbell at 414-310-5920