Posted by Bill Selzer on Jan 18, 2023

Elmbrook School Superintendent Dr. Mark Hansen presented a district update at the Elmbrook Rotary Club's 1/13/23 meeting. Dr. Hansen has served as Superintendent since 2012 and shared how the district has grown and prospered over the years.

“With an amazing staff, really engaged parents and thoughtful kids”, the district has been ranked in the top four in the state, based on student achievement and customer satisfaction.

“Bringing college into the high schools” gives students access to 30 college credits before they graduate. This allows students to explore career option in High School vs. a more expensive evaluation while away at college. 

· Dual Credit Options allows students to simultaneously earn college and high school credits through several college sponsored on or off campus locations.

· Another introduction to different careers is the Launch program. Launch is a professional based learning experience providing students with real world business experiences.

· Internship/Mentorship programs help both partners and students with real-world challenges in fields of student's interests. Local businesses are helping to strengthen our local education. 

Dr. Hansen proudly shared the success of the different sports teams, and performing art programs the students are involved in.

Elmbrook has an AAA bond rating, being one of three school districts in Wisconsin with that distinction. Due to a well-managed and unique capital investment program, funding for projects and facilities maintenance is not reliant on a referendum or bond. Due to controlled costs the tax mil rate has gone from $13.60 to $7.47 over the past thirty-one years while academic performance has gone up.

With healthcare costs rising 8-12% annually, the district became a self-insured entity. An Acute Care Clinic located within the heart of the district provides service to staff members during the workday. With this offering there is less disruption on the educational side by staff being able to visit the clinic during class prep time. This program has saved 34 million dollars in healthcare costs over the past five years.

If you are interested in volunteering your expertise for Launch, please talk with Jack Nelson, vocational chair.