Posted by Bill Selzer

At the 11/18/2022 Friday morning meeting, President Harry Farchmin introduced Toomas Mitt, founder of The Stories Project. The Stories Project began one year ago with the ultimate mission to "Honor and celebrate people’s stories and provide a video keepsake for their families”. The finished product is a way to share life stories with future generations.

The Philosophy: Everyone has a story to tell.

“We believe our lives are a series of stories. These stories uncover our dreams. Expose our heartaches. Celebrate our love. Share our grief. These stories define who we are as individuals and shape our identity as a family. These stories become our legacy. Capture them before they are gone."

Toomas shared how his 92-year-old mother inspired him with her gift of a handwritten autobiography. Her gift told tales of her life that he had no idea transpired. This gave him the idea to start up an organization that would provide a means for individuals to share their life stories. Through the assistance of volunteers, the process is threefold; the initial phone contact, a zoom pre-interview session and the 60-minute video taped interview. Post interview, an unedited copy of the interview is provided on a flash drive that can be shared with their family. The interview is edited down to approximately 30 minutes and with permission, is posted on the website.

“This priceless treasure informs future generations of their heritage.”

If you are interested in learning more about this non-profit organization, volunteering, or sponsorship visit The Stories Project at:, call 414-616-3744, or email

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