Posted by Jackson Bubolz on Jan 18, 2023
Did you know that a Rotary member is welcome at Rotary meeting in the world?
On January 17, 2023 Rotarians Paul Sawicki & Jackson Bubolz decided to follow up on the advise given by our district governor and check out another meeting. They visited the Milwaukee Rotary club, noticing many similarities and many differences. 
The Milwaukee Club meets at noon on Tuesdays at the Veterans Memorial Building. They are holding their first meeting of the month in the morning, and it's causing quite a stir among members. Pictured above is the name area for their 400+ members. 
The food was excellent, the speaker was great- similar quality to ours. The one most notable difference... they didn't have time for happy/sad fines with over 100 people attending. 
Milwaukee, Mequon/Thiensville, Mukwonago, or other. Checking out another club brings perspective, insight, and a chance to meet new Rotarians in our community or from around the world.