Posted by Paul Langer on Jan 23, 2023
Our club has big volunteer commitments like building homes in Guatemala, small commitments like collecting produce after the farmer's markets, and everything in between. This opportunity is much closer to the smaller end.
The Elmbrook Rotary Club (ERC) is looking for (2) people willing to each organize (1) Adopt A Highway clean up a year. This project is ideal for the person who wants to contribute their time, but is not able to commit to an ongoing project with lots of meetings and follow up.
Paul Langer will continue to oversee our Adopt A Highway effort and run one of the three cleanup dates per year. He can supply anyone interested with a complete checklist of things that need to be done for the half-day cleanup, and provide any coaching needed.
We provide a cleanup event 3 times per year, spring, mid-summer, and late fall. Again, this opportunity involves a limited, time specific commitment and is an easy effort.
Please chat with Paul Langer if you want additional information or are willing to manage an event. You can reach him at 202-595-4377.